How easy to use it

  • You can set the number of pdf readings. Through the limited number of file readings, you can know the number of times the file has been read and prevent others from plagiarizing the content of the file by reading multiple times, which is the most basic barrier to protect the security of file data
  • Prevent copying and printing, set your files through MaiPDF without your permission to be copied or printed by others, so as to reduce the possibility of files being plagiarized;
  • You can share 100 Megabyte pdf files, of course, the file is too large, and the page loading speed will also become slow
  • The pdf can be generated as a web link or a QR code, and when necessary, you can let your customers, etc. directly open your file without downloading, which increases the convenience of the file
It can be used for intellectual property protection. Ensure the security of academic and research information. The function of the offline version is to generate an HTML file from the PDF, which is displayed in the same way as the online version. In this file, there is a verification file that needs to be connected to the Internet. Every time you open this file, you need to verify it online. How many times a PDF file has been copied, and after a certain period of time, both the source file and the copied file cannot be opened.

By limiting the number of openings, the file can be prevented from being forwarded indefinitely. Of course, MaiPDF also has the function of modifying it. We don't have to worry about losing control of the file when it is sent. Through the modification function of MaiPDF, we can modify the content of the file in this link, and we can modify the opening times of the original link, so that we can increase or decrease the opening times at any time to effectively control the link.