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Sharing a pdf file could be done through “direct sending”, attached somewhere, or sharing online by a link or a QR code. Making the pdf into some kind of read mode by “copy, print and download protection”, beyond that , by we also want to control the user behaviours of “screen capture”, and expiring the view-ability after a certain time, this will stop the unwanted spreading of information.

On ther other hand, you can also make a PDF like a campaign to share it online without limitation

Easy Access
Directly to access all features without compulsory registration,however registered users have free control panel features. You can upload and share the link quickyly ane easily, and your users can get a nice and easy short URL to access.
Works on 99% platform
Except antiquated browser like IE, MaiPDF links work on all kinds of browsers,easily make your PDF files into links or QR codes. We use SSL encryption to protect your documents during all files transfers.
Award Winning
Free tool just like other expensive virtual data room softwares. Don't worry about if it's not working, Have a try, there will be no hideden feature for paid users.
Happy Client
The interface is intuitive,no cost of learing effort.Do not require email address to send or receive, users have absolute free rights over the control of sharing
Professional Advisors
Technical support emails are responed by developers
Customer Support
[email protected]
About Us

The structure of website

MaiPDF hosts PDF files in several locations in Europe,Asia and North America, CDN service is applied over file sharing, that's how we make the preview of PDF files instantly and clearly.

User interface
This site does not required user to register compulsory, however the logged in user will have control panel to manage their files easily!
Free Data Tracking features
Besides our logging feature, we have set up our own email server to send out the read notification, since it's a single email server, the read notifying email will go to your junk mailbox.
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